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I make beautiful things because of Him (God). My goal is to uplift the viewer and give the feeling of Love that comes from Him.

In 2006 I began to work on my own collection of abstract photography, exploring the newly created "Mini Worlds" from ordinary things with my own rules and logic. I attempt to capture all the beauty I see, so as not to forget, to share with others. Created "Mini Worlds" cannot be seen twice. Images are the only documents and proof that this world ever existed. In this sense, each series is based on a separate unique world, usually in an image series of four. "Mini Worlds" are ethereal places of light, grace, and spirituality. The colors and shapes may vary from one to the next, but the same spirit exists throughout them all the spirit of light that overtakes darkness.

I really do want to do my part in making this world more colorful, beautiful and spiritual. It is a social norm that we do not slow down enough or get too wrapped up in routine to breathe in the meaning of life, being human or developing our higher spirit. Yet, it is my goal to slow people down for this, just for a moment to reflect on such things.