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My Art Journey

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I was raised in a tiny village near the Latvian border in Lithuania. From a young age, I was highly creative, with a passion for art, writing, and storytelling. Art was my escape from the world, a place where I could create my own "mini world" with my own rules.

I was fascinated by abstract art and experimented with different materials, such as cosmetics, grains, and fabrics, to create unique pieces. This innovative approach continues in my abstract photography, where I search for everyday treasures to photograph in a special way, inspiring and uplifting others. People often mistake my photos for beach scenes, but in reality, I create my own beaches using unconventional materials at home. I pursued my passion for art by studying at a university in the capital of Lithuania. Although I was trained in realism, I found myself drawn to abstract art, which I found to be the most liberating form of art with no rules and endless possibilities. I believe that we put limits on ourselves, and that abstract art breaks down those barriers.

When I look at art, I want to feel inspired and uplifted, to experience peace within my soul. I know a piece is finished when I feel these emotions. Art has the power to bring the intangible and unseen to life, to make it tangible and accessible to all. Marcel Duchamp, a prominent artist of the 20th century, recognized this when he said, "Artmaking is making the invisible visible."

I believe that art has the power to touch people's hearts, to evoke emotions and bring joy, and to inspire change. I see abstract art as a form of communication, a way to connect with others, and to share my experiences, thoughts, and feelings. My goal as an artist is to create work that resonates with people, that speaks to their souls, and that inspires them to think and feel deeply. I am constantly pushing myself to be innovative and to experiment with new techniques and materials. I find that this is what keeps my art fresh and exciting, and what keeps me motivated to create. I believe that the beauty of abstract art lies in its versatility, its open-endedness, and its ability to surprise and delight.

Abstract art is an important part of who I am, and it continues to be my passion and my escape from the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my art with others, and I hope to continue to inspire and uplift others through my work.

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