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Vineta Cook is a contemporary abstract photographer and painter with roots of abstract expressionism. Born in northern Lithuania, in the hometown of Jonas Mekas (God father of American avant-garde cinema), she has been dabbling in art and experimenting with different materials since early childhood. At age fifteen she won the silver medallion from European Union art contest held in Lithuania.Later she finished at Vilnius Pedagogical University, receiving her bachelor degree in Arts and left Lithuania for the United States with her family in 2005.
Vineta has received awards from the European Union, Manhattan Art's International and in 2008 was entitled "Best Emerging Artist" from the Best of 2007 Art Source in New York. She has exhibited in galleries, art museums, and held in private collections both in the U.S. and abroad. 
Vineta's art appeared on sets of a variety of television shows: "Hollywood Game Night" (NBC), "The Catch" (ABC), "Castle" (ABC), "Revenge" (ABC), "Two and a Half Men"(CBS), "Scorpion" (CBS), "Last Man Standing"(ABC), "One Tree Hill"(CW) , "Up All Night"(NBC), "The Neighbors"(ABC), "The Mindy Project"(FOX), "Two Broke Girls" (CBS), "Bones" (FOX), "Jane the Virgin" (CW), "Cristela" (ABC), "Goliath" (Amazon Series), "Big Little Lies" (Starring Nicole Kidman & Reese Witherspoon), JCVJ (Starring Jean- Claude Va Damme) and others. Vineta’s photography has been used for Microsoft, Dove, Olay, Verizon, Mastercard, Discover Card, AT&T, Chase, Priceline, Avis, Humira, Comcast, Yoplait and Aveeno projects. Most recently Vineta's art was used on the sets for the movies: "Message from the King" and "Jem and the Holograms". Painting "Tears of the Sun" was chosen to illustrate the poem of the week by Michael Donaghy, at the "Times Literary Supplement". Collectors from USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, England and Brazil.