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Art on "Two and a half Men"

"Two and a half Men" TV Show

 Framed Photography Print "Abstract Jungle 2" was featured on the "Two and a Half Men" by Warner Bros. Linda's house was decorated with "Abstract Jungle 2" print. Walden (Ashton Kutcher) dates a 22-year-old (Hilary Duff) but finds himself more interested in her grandmother Linda (Marilu Henner).

 Episode: "Cows, Prepare to Be tipped" ,23, Season 10 Finale

May 9,2013


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  • Anonymous on


    Try to contact the set decorator of the show and ask where to get the artwork.

  • .are Ward on

    I am looking for the artist that painted the painting in the psychiatrists office 2 1/2 men

  • I Have To Know ... on

    I am dying to find the framed photo/wall art that is to the right of Walden’s bed of a person crossing the street with blurred lights and rain drops on glass! Do you know where I could find this? I’ve been searching for the answer everywhere for years now!

  • Melissa Page on

    I’m looking for the print shown in Two and Half Men. I believe the painting is trees. In the first season it was located to left of the stairs then they moved it to the left of the front door. I’ve looked on line on every site you can imagine with no luck. If someone could please tell me the artist and name of painting, I’d appreciate it. Thank you

  • Barbara on

    Looking for the abstract canvas shown in Charlie and Alan’s mother’s house.

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