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Story behind the "Dreamscapes"

DREAMSCAPES are uplifting places full of light and beauty where dreams come true.  Radiant reds and calming blues infuse the atmosphere with wonder and awe. They remind us of places from one’s past, ethereal, yet familiar.

"Dreamscapes" are the a fresh breath of air for my soul. It took time to create10 new small paintings. I was not rushing. I wanted to create timeless paintings where my soul can take a trip to otherworldly places and take a break. Dreamscapes are places where is no rushing, stress, anxiety, and fear.

I wanted each painting to remind me of peace, joy, serenity, and beauty. I took time to live with these paintings to see if it would pass the test of time and still each day no matter what it would radiate the same beautiful emotions. It did!



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